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Our Services



Our Services

Body Piercing Services

Have you been thinking about getting a certain piercing for a while now but you have questions? Do you want a piece of jewellery but you’re unsure of where to find it? Are you having issues with a previous piercing and need some advice? Our highly-trained staff are here for all your piercing needs! Both of our Professional Piercers have extensive training in everything from anatomy, metals and gemstones, troubleshooting and aftercare down to sterilization, infection control and aseptic technique.

Tattoo Services

Wanting a new tattoo? Look no further than Airdrie’s own Dominic Kirouac. Rose Gold’s resident artist, specializing in animal portraits and black/grey. Our tattoo services are held at the same standard as our body piercing standards, using single-use disposable modern tattooing techniques and aftercare.


Age Restrictions

Ear Lobes - 5 years old with parental consent.

All cartilage piercings, nostril piercings and eyebrow piercings - 14 years old with parental consent.

Septum piercings, oral piercings and navel piercings - 16 years old with parental consent.

Surface piercings, bridge piercings and genital piercings - 18+

Tattoo - 18+ only


Piercing Services

  • Sitting Fee: We have a $50.00 sitting fee where you can get 3-4 piercings in the same sitting for the $50.00 fee plus the cost of jewellery.
  • Inserts, Removals and Consultations: $10.00
  • Genital piercings: $100.00 per piercing
  • Genital consultations: $25.00

Jewellery cost will depend on style and material. Feel free to come down to the studio to take a look at our continuously growing selection of high quality body jewellery!

Tattoo Services

  • Shop Minimum: (anything under 1 hour) is $100.00.
  • Hourly Rate: (per hour) is $150.00/hr.

Requiring a deposit for all tattoos booked at Rose Gold. Consultations are free, touchups within recommended guidelines are free.